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Inside the United States assisted living, there is no recognized definition of assisted living. Assisted living facilities are regulated at state level. Most of the united states use the term “assisted living.” Other ways to describe this type of infrastructure is residential care home, living facilities, and personal care homes. Each state has its own definition of the term it uses to describe assisted living. Because the term assisted living has not been explained thoroughly in most of the states it is often a term used by a large community of senior living facilities, A housing facility for people with problems or medical problems is not necessarily the same as an assisted living community. These facilities provide supervision or assistance with every day acts and routines for people with problems mentally, or no problems at all. . My dad has gotten to an age where he has refused help from those of us that are direct members of his family. To be completely honest, his transition into his golden years have probably in comparison to most, gone completely smooth for me and my family. It’s literally like he wants very much so to be in a home. I think he may be looking forward to the company and companionship. I’m extremely happy that I’ve done my research to get familiarized with what the differences between different homes are and how they could better benefit my father.

My father means the world to me so I’ll pay whatever I need to pay if it will help get him in a place that is more suitable to what it is he’s looking for I’ve looked through so many listings for assisted living. Literally I don’t know the best way to get a listing in relation to my area. . The last Google link that was posted on my assisted living search was Springfield MA assisted living. I wish my father lived in the Springfield, Massachusetts CCRC community. The layout and proper setup of this facility was one of the nicest I’ve seen to date. I’m truly hopeful to find a place that is similar or at least somewhat as professional and comfortable looking at this one. and if anyone has any suggestions, I would be truly grateful for the help in finding a home for my dad. Normally the love for my father would never allow me to put my father in a home, but knowing how much he desires to be put in a place he sees as exciting, I’m excited to try and find one for him.