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postheadericon Insulatinga Loft with Hardwood Floors

If your loft has hardwood floors and you want to insulate it, all hope is not lost. Luckily, there is a way to insulate without removing the entire floor. If you are planning on insulating your loft, know about the materials and techniques available for a successful project completion.

Cellulose and Foam

Remove a few boards from the floor of your loft and install cellulose — shredded newspaper — or sprayed foam — polyurethane — insulation. Remove only one board over each floor cavity and spray in the insulation. You can find the centre of each floor cavity — area between floor joists — by measuring 2 inches off one wall, and then every 16 inches should be the centre of the cavity. The hardwood will run perpendicular to the floor joists, so begin at the wall on either side of the room that stands at the end of the hardwood and not on the sides of the hardwood; the direction of the grain will also help you determine which wall to measure from. Wood grain runs the length of hardwood, so begin at the end of the hardwood lengthwise.

Remove the hardwood strip using a plunge router and a carving bit. Stay away from the surrounding hardwood. When replacing the hardwood, cut the tongue off of the replacement strip, seat the hardwood directly into the slot, and insert finish nails by predrilling and setting with a nail set.

Insulating the Ceiling

If you plan on using the loft space, avoid tearing up the floor by insulating the ceiling framing in your loft. Insert batt insulation into the ceiling rafters and fasten using a stapler. Wear long sleeves, eye goggles and a dust mask. Batt insulation can be purchased in widths of 16 and 24 inches, but you will probably need 24-inch-wide batt insulation for the ceiling rafters. Measure your rafter widths. If they are 5.5 inches wide, you will need R-19 insulation — insulating value; 2-by-8 rafters and up will require R-30 insulation.

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