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postheadericon Caring for Granite Countertops

There’s something stylish and elegant about a kitchen area with granite countertops. The unique patterns in the stone add visual allure to the area as well as providing a long lasting workplace. If you want to maintain the stone countertops gorgeous appearance, you have to care of them. These suggestions can help you understand how to clean and maintain your granite, so they always appear like new.

Granite countertops typically aren’t as porous as marble or other stones; however they may absorb moisture and weaken over time. To maintain your granite counters, make sure that they’re sealed every few years. You could have an expert do it for you or simply buy a granite sealer from a home improvement center, and use it according to the directions. Typically, you’ll have to reseal every 3 to 5 years. If you’re not exactly sure whether you should reseal, put a little water on the surface and if it beads up, you can wait. If the stone takes in the water, it’s time to reseal!

Although your counters are long lasting, abrasive cleansers can ruin the stone and also destroy its seal. Avoid acidic solutions, especially those containing lemon, lime, or vinegar, as well as severe chemicals like ammonia and bleach. Use gentle cleaners, like a gentle dishwashing liquid or a cleanser made for stone.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll likely only have to wipe down the surface with a dry cloth or sponge to get rid of grime and dirt. Select a soft or microfiber cloth, which is incredibly gentle and also helps lift dirt and dust, as opposed to simply pushing it along. When you spill anything on your granite countertop, clean it up ASAP. The longer that a liquid stays on the surface, the greater chance that the stone could soak up and stain it. Be especially cautious with oily or acidic spills, which are more likely to stain the granite.

Even if you are very cautious with your granite countertops, problems might arise. Discolorations and cracks can appear on the surface area, near the seams. Do not attempt to fix this on your own! Always contact professional granite fabricators as quickly as you can. Waiting too long for repairs might create more damage and require even more repairs in the long run.

If these suggestions are adhered to, the high quality as well as appeal of your granite will certainly continue for many years ahead.