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postheadericon Memory Foam Mattress Pad Buying Guide

A memory foam mattress pad is cheaper than the mattress and it can revive it for many more years to come. I recently bought a topper for my new mattress as I was told it would prolong the lifetime of the mattress for up to 10 years!

Such a pad can be bought for under $200 and it comes in a really good quality. Of course, depending on the place where it is bought, the price range might vary. A memory foam mattress pad is made of a thin layer of foam. This is placed on the sagging mattress and when the individual is sleeping on it, there is a very comfortable feeling that is experienced.

The Way the Mattress Pad Works

The mattress pad is made of foam containing literally thousands of tiny foam cells that are heat and pressure reactive. A person lying down on the pad will feel the foam really soft and comfortable because the foam absorbs the body heat and as a result it softens up. The body weight presses down the body into the foam, which will practically conform to the body shape right away. This is why the mattress pad foam gives such a great support for the body.

With this pad the person doesn’t feel any pressure points, thus there will be no joint and back pains felt during the night. Also lack of sleep is eliminated because there is no longer tossing and turning during the night. One can now really sleep comfortably throughout the whole night.

When the decision to buy a mattress pad made of memory foam has been made, one should check out the mattress density, which means the number of pounds per square foot of pad. The lower the density, the more cushioning and support it will give the individual. The higher the density, the more firm the mattress will become. So basically this number explains how comfortable and convenient the pad will be under the body weight during the night.

When to Avoid Using a Memory Foam Mattress Pad

It is not recommended using this pad if a person weights over two hundred fifty pounds. The reason is because the weight stresses the foam and creates additional wear and tear to the pad. In this case a latex mattress pad is mostly recommended. It is, granted, more expensive to use a latex mattress pad instead of memory topper, however for the sake of keeping the pad healthy along with having a good night’s sleep, it is really worth buying one.