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postheadericon Decorative Ideas of Hanging TVs Over Fireplaces

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Any picture or portrait you hang over your fireplace automatically becomes the focal design point of the room. If you have a flat screen plasma television, you may want to hang it over the fireplace in lieu of a painting for a cozy modern effect. While your TV can be used as a high tech decoration, you might still want to keep it close to eye level if the television’s primary purpose is for viewing rather than decor. However, you can get creative with how you use your TV as a decoration.

Picture Frame

Design or purchase a thick sturdy picture frame that matches the decor of your living room, and affix it to the edges of your television. When you are not watching your TV, choose a family portrait or upload a picture of a favourite work of art to display on the screen. The TV will look like a virtual painting framed over your fireplace and it gives a more peaceful atmosphere than having the screen continuously flicking.


You favourite family portraits are well-loved items to hang over the mantel, but sometimes choosing just one is difficult. Instead, create a slideshow with as many pictures of your family as you’d like. Set the length of time for picture-to-picture transition to 30 seconds or more as a fast-moving slideshow over your fireplace can be distracting. Set your TV to play the slideshow as the wallpaper.


For homes with a modern, edgy look, this idea is quite impressive. Take a high quality digital picture of your room from the viewpoint of the mantel. Upload the picture to your television, and set the picture to serve as the wallpaper, which will give the effect that the television (particularly if it is in a frame) is actually a mirror.