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Buying a rug offers many benefits including the use of something that works well with many kinds of decor and allows for the use of texture and light. A well-placed rug can help people feel comfortable talking to others in the space. Rugs can also add color and softness to any room, allowing the occupants to stretch out and feel relaxed all year long. Many kinds of rugs are available to the discerning buyer. One of the most popular kinds of rugs are known as Berber rugs and Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs make an ideal purchase for those who love luxury and enjoy having items on hand that are full of history. These kinds of rugs are hand-crafted using ancient techniques that help create textile that will stand up to heavy duty use and still look great.

Berber Rugs

Berber rugs are made by tribes of Berber people living in Morocco. Morocco is noted for many things including the creation of amazing rugs. Those buyers who want something special they can’t find elsewhere will find these rugs their perfect option. Such rugs are made by hand from soft wool by tribes people who have been creating them for many centuries. All the rugs that the Berber tribes create are made from materials that are entirely natural. No synthetics are used. Instead, the tribes know the best way to create something that will look great is by working with their local sheep. Each sheep is treated kindly as it grows the precious wool. The wool is then harvested at the right time, carefully spun into fibers and used to create the items that people today have come to come to love. Many kinds of designs are found, allowing any buyer to find the one that suits them best. All buyers know they can purchase a rug from the tribe that is timely and yet timeless, fitting in any home with ease.

Beni Ourain Rugs

A very special kind of tribal rug are known as the Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs have become increasingly popular in recent years all over the world. The buyer is assured of having a product that has been made using specific kind of weaving technique from ivory wool that allow for a finished product that is a work of art as well as something to put on the floor. The wool used is woven into a subtle pattern. Contrasting black or brown wool is used to create an elegant series of small or large diamonds on the ivory wool. Each rug of this kind of entirely unique. Each rug will be slightly different than any other rug as the person crafting it does so carefully over time and not in mass produced fashion. This allows for a rug that works with any kind of decor in the space from modern and minimalist to a more traditional style. Each rug has been made by a resident of the Atlas Mountains in the heart of Morocco.

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